Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fun Weekend

It hit 73 degrees yesterday. It was glorious. To me, it means Spring is coming. Technically Spring is coming, it starts in 13 days. The kids and I laid on the trampoline and soaked up the sun yesterday. Then we proceeded to try and clean up the yard. The yard looked similar to the house after a week with no clean up attempted. Sand box toys, baseballs, logs and boards all spread around the back yard. Oh and cat food cans, we mustn't forget those. The highlight of the dogs day is waiting for me to unlock the shop door and open it so I can feed the horses and goats. The dogs then run in there and retrieve their favorite cat food can (with just a morsel of last nights cat dinner in it). They carry them out to the yard and lick each can for a good 20 minutes before going in to retrieve another. This has been going on all winter and there are cans spread all over the two acre back yard. I gave each kid a grocery sack and told them we are going to have a redneck Easter "egg" hunt where instead of eggs, they get to hunt cat food cans. And to sweeten the deal I would pay out a nickle for each can they found. Boy were they determined, each filling their grocery sack in record time. Best couple of bucks I've ever spent.

It's been a long winter and I seem to be lacking the typical Spring motivation I usually have. I did start seeds last week but the thought of actually tilling up the garden and planting them (and the sack of seeds I ordered) is ranking pretty low on the list of things to do. Usually I'm rip roaring to go in the Spring. I did get the leaf blower out yesterday and attempted to start blowing the giant piles of leaves that have accumulated in every corner of the property. We have several mature oak trees and they don't drop their leaves until Spring instead of the traditional fall drop like most trees. So I don't even try to get rid of leaves until Spring. It's going to take several more weekends to get the job done but I got a good start in the front yard.

About a month ago we told Wesley if he read 75 books and wrote them down then we would take him to the local arcade and play games for an afternoon. Well last week he did it. Got 75 books written down. He was super excited! Yesterday we all piled in the car and went out to eat and then to the arcade. We all had a blast playing games, even Greta joined in on the fun with an Ice Age whack a mole type game. It's definitely something we'll do again. The kids favorite part was each game spit out tickets which they collected and got to spend on trinket toys. Kids love those cheap little trinket toys!

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Granny Randi said...

Redneck easter egg hunt...what a hoot and clever idea for getting your yard cleaned up. You are so creative, Mandy!