Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Record Highs

Nothing puts me in a better mood than record breaking high temperatures in January. Seeing 70 degrees in the dead of winter is truly lovely. We've been outside enjoying it every chance we can get. I gotta say the trampoline was one of the best investments we've ever made. All four of us get exercise on that thing....and it's fun exercise! If you are ever thinking of getting one, just do it. If ours broke tomorrow we'd immediately order another.

We made a family outing to the local park. Even with the 60 degree weather the big pond was still in the process of thawing. Half was thawed, half was frozen. The Canadian geese were all standing on the ice. Silly birds.

I follow a running blog called Runs for Cookies and every year for her birthday she has a virtual 5K. What is a virtual 5K you ask? Well, you sign up on her site and then on a certain day you run or walk 3.1 miles either indoors on a treadmill or outside. Then you do a finshers report where you enter your time it took to run or walk the 5K. So Sunday I drove into town and ran my 3.1 miles. It was horrible! I, apparently, picked the day with 35-45 mph winds to go running. We were actually in a wind advisory and it was North winds so they were bitterly cold. I'm running into this wind and can't understand why my face is covered in snot. It's literally everywhere. I wasn't congested or anything, but the freezing wind just caused it to explode out of my face. I'm sure this is more information than you need, I'm just painting a picture here. A very gross picture.  I just about turned around and went home, but I didn't. I ran those three horrible miles with an equally horrid time of 32:40. So glad that's done. I think I'll wait until spring to put on my running shoes again. 

One thing I was excited to try out on this run was the key pad on the Ford Edge. I took it into the dealership and had them reset the code so that I could actually use it to get into the car. I was debating on whether I'd ever use it. If I had the key why use the key pad? When I drive into town to go running and don't want to run with keys, I can lock them inside the car with my purse and then key in my code to get into the car after the run. Very cool!


Granny Randi said...

We've had beautiful weather here, too! We (our gang of 8 plus Connie's good friend Mary jo) took off for Hatch,NM to go to our favorite burger joint, Sparky's. They make the best green chili cheeseburgers and the place is a trip. It was warm enough that we ate outside. YUM YUM!

Frozen snot is not for me, but good on you for completing your run.

The Menagerie Momma said...

Oh come on Randi, frozen snot is for everyone! I wish I was eating a green chili cheeseburger with you right now. Yummm.