Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finding Billy

The kids and I weren't the only ones outside enjoying the fine 74 degree weather yesterday. I lugged the tortoises outside to their pen so they could get some beneficial UV rays and some exercise. After getting home from collecting the kids from school I wandered out to their pen to see how they were doing. I quickly found the two large leopard tortoises but could not, for the life of me, find Billy Bob the smaller sulcata tortoise. He was gone.

I walked four laps in the pen and was starting to sweat, thinking some large hawk took off with him.

Then I finally found him. He is truly a master of camouflage and this color of dead grass works well for him.

Have you found him yet?

He even got the leaves to cover him just perfectly.  Good thing I didn't step on him.

There you are Billy Bob! You got me worried there......what with a cold snap and snow coming. You would not have made it outside had I not found you.

Everybody is back inside under there heating lamp today and winter has returned. Boo! The nice weather will be severely missed.