Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mid Week Fun

The tooth fairy is showing some delinquent behavior lately. I mean, really, she has one job. Take baby teeth and put cash under the pillow. Right around Christmas Wesley lost one of his middle lower teeth. We did the normal routine and the next morning he comes down the stairs rather deflated. I asked him what's wrong and he's informed me that the tooth fairy didn't come and his tooth was still under his pillow. I hope the "oh crap" look didn't appear on my face as I quickly told him that the tooth fairy is really busy this time of the year and she'll visit the next night. Saying the tooth fairy was busy during the Holiday's was an understatement.

Yesterday Wesley told me he was ready for me to pull out one of his two front teeth. He'd been working on it and it was ready. So we did the normal dental floss routine which is making a small lasso that we loop around the base of the tooth, then with a swift pull it generally pops out. This time was no different.

The tooth fairy even made a timely visit during the night! Go tooth fairy! His cute smile is sure getting a little sparse.

Yesterday Greta and I got to go out to lunch with my parents. The nice thing about retired parents is that they are able to go out to lunch in the middle of the week. They took us to an all you can eat BBQ buffet downtown. It was really good! Next stop was a big bulk candy and nut store that's also downtown. I'd never been so it was a real treat to see all the candy! The place was huge and Greta was in hog heaven. I'm amazed I made it out of there with only $10 worth of candy. Fun times!


Hoofprints said...

Poor Greta is going to have a massive shock to her system next year. She has so much fun with you during the week right now. I bet Wesley is jealous.

Granny Randi said...

Love the pics!