Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hard to believe Thanksgiving was a week ago. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas run together into one hectic time. At least for me. I always tell myself to start Holiday shopping early and, for the most part, I do ok. This year I planned to purchase nearly everything on Amazon and I'm sticking to it pretty good. It's sure nice ordering presents and having it delivered to your front door. Have I mentioned how much I love Prime? I did venture out on Black Friday just because I needed to vacate the house and have some alone time. It wasn't too bad, got some cute clothes.

Thanksgiving was a quiet little event this year. Just the four of us and a giant pot of Snow Crab. I dare say it was too much crab. That could be because I make a turkey breast and shrimp scampi too. It was a massive amount of food. Oh and the pie! I took a vote with the family, I told them I could make an caramel apple pie or a key lime or a peppermint pie. Everyone voted for the peppermint pie. It was delicious and super easy. It's called a Peppermint Snow Pie. Here is the recipe.

Wesley had his 2nd grade music program a few weeks ago. Lots of cute little kids singing and acting out parts. Good times.

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Granny Randi said...

I know what you mean about time. For me, it starts with Jeremy's birthday and time warps til the 1st of the year.

Our Thanksgiving was small, too...only 7 people. I froze the turkey, but we're still eating Rich's favorite cranberry/apple sauce!

I loved all of the kids' programs. Sorry we live so far away, cause I would love to see grandkids' programs, too!