Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Prep

Oh did we have a fun week leading up to Christmas! I always have a checklist of things I want to do with the kids and I'm pretty happy if we get through most of them. This year I was rather sick in the week leading up to Christmas. The basic sore throat and cough that wouldn't leave but I mustered up the energy to get some memorable things done with the kids. We rolled out sugar cookies and decorated them, which is super fun.

I had really good intentions regarding Christmas cards this year. I found a cute idea consisting of fingerprints of all family members that get transformed into reindeer. I went to the craft store and purchased blank cards, googly eyes, puffy paint, craft glue, a Merry Christmas stamp and ink. We all contributed our fingerprints and the cards were made. They turned out cute! I loaded them into their addressed envelopes and ran into a problem. As I was sliding the card into the envelope the googly eyes would catch and pop off. I wondered if they would all just come off during shipping so I sent an experimental card to myself. Sure enough all but two eyes had dislodged. I was bummed out! That was a lot of work to just scrap the idea. Oh well. I thought I'd take a picture so you all could see what your Christmas card would have looked like. :)

I thought since I'm sharing craft ideas I'd show the cute little snow men I made for Wesley's Christmas party.  There really are some cute ideas out there on the internet.

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Granny Randi said...

I remember making Christmas cookies with the kids. They got more frosting in their mouths than on the cookies!
Those are fun traditions that hopefully the kids remember!