Friday, October 10, 2014


Almost every day I hear "Mom, can we please go do something?" from the youngest member of the family. She and I are home together during the week unless she's in preschool. Being home with Mom can be pretty boring. I always seem to be cleaning something or folding something or painting something and that's pretty boring stuff for a newly turned five year old. I think she counts down the hours until Wesley comes home so she has someone to play with.

Yesterday I had to opportunity to go into town for an errand and treated her to lunch at our favorite place, Panera Bread. She gets so excited to go out to lunch, it's a treat for both of us. She always orders the kids buttered noodles and I tried their new soup, Autumn Squash. It was delicious!

I've been in the fall cleaning mode for the past several weeks where I've been cleaning out closets and purging the house of unwanted items. I sold a few pairs of boots I no longer use on ebay and one pair of Frye boots sold for more than I paid for them new. Ha! Crazy people out there I tell you. I joined a local virtual garage sale on facebook and saw a few people selling car seats and decided to post the kids old Britax Marathon car seats up there by chance someone wanted them. Turns out about 40 people wanted them and I got a cool $80 out of them. Not bad for something I thought was worth nothing. Greta just moved out of her Britax this week. The height limit on that car seat was 49 inches and she's 48 inches, so it was time to say goodbye. Surprisingly she was still within the weight limits. We moved her up to a booster seat with a back (I don't think she is ready for just a booster seat). She's pretty excited about being a big girl and using a real seat belt like her brother.

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Granny Randi said...

I want to go to Panera's, too!

Greta is growing up so fast.

Miss and love you all.