Friday, October 24, 2014

Parades, Sculpting & Cookie Monster

-We had a lovely time at the local fall festival that our neighboring town throws every year. The kids sure love the parade and all the candy that comes with it.

-It was a sad day last week, we sold the van. We bought it last summer in the hopes of taking it on vacations and actually camping out in it. At least I was hoping we would camp out. It just never happened. I've deducted that we are not the camping type of family. My idea of a good time includes a nice hotel with a pool....not cramming four people into a van. Yes it had a pull out bed and a toilet along with a kitchenette but the only thing we used was the toilet. The kids were very sad to see it go, even giving it a kiss goodbye. I always knew its time with us was limited because it only had one captain chair in the back for the kids. Greta was secured onto the pull out couch which had lap seat belts but no shoulder strap. It worked while she was still in a harness style car seat but now that she's in a booster it was unsafe for her. Goodbye van, the idea of you will be missed. I have to admit it's nice to be down one more vehicle.

-Sean has been busy working on the Range Rover again. He drives it a couple of weeks to work and back while compiling a list of things to fix on it, then puts it in the shop for a couple of weeks and works on it. He's been doing this for a few months now in the hopes of creating a reliable snow vehicle for the upcoming winter. Now according to The Farmers Almanac you can tell how difficult a winter will be based on how many acorns pile up under oak trees. The more acorns = a rough winter. So by my deductions it will be one hellish winter. I've never seen so many acorns in my yard in the whole ten years we've been here. I hope I'm wrong. But if the Almanac is right then we should have one heck of a fun four wheel drive vehicle to use.

-I've been working on my normal sculpting in the evenings and have even begun sculpting during Greta's preschool time. It's nice to catch up on orders during the day when the house is quiet. I felt inclined to try something outside of my comfort zone the other day, a horse. It was fun and I might have to try doing some more in the near future.

-Last but not least I have to add a picture that made me chuckle. The kids really enjoy their stuffed animals. The kids are 5 and 7 years old and they have quite an array of stuffed animals that they love. One of the them is the ancient Cookie Monster that their dad grew up with. The other night Wesley declared that Cookie Monster was his wife and then dressed him up in one of Greta's dresses. He wanted a picture. So here I present Wesley with his wife (Cookie Monster in drag).

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Granny Randi said...

I love the horse you sculpted, especially with the butterfly! You are an incredibly talented woman! It could be a new avenue for you.

I'm so glad that Cookie Monster has had a new incarnation. He was well loved by by Sean and Jeremy!

Love to you all.