Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I went to the store yesterday and found the perfect fashion accessory. It's a giant over sized bag in red and blue. It's got a hard plastic insert for the base and I can stuff it full of all sorts of fun things.

What do ya think? Stylin I tell you. But am I really the type of person to blog about my fashion accessories? Not so much! There has to be another reason I would get excited about an over sized bag right? You got me there.

This is what's in the bag.

I finally found a tortoise carrier that works. This is me excited. You see, I've been hauling them outside from their upstairs bedroom pen in a laundry basket for awhile now and my lower back is starting to complain. These are large tortoises that are only going to get bigger. There had to be a better solution and I found it. Yea me! So now they get transported outside into their big pen via a stylish over sized bag.

So there ya go, that's accessorizing......tortoise style.

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Granny Randi said...

The darlins look happy in their new bag! Good on you!