Saturday, September 6, 2014


So my youngest missed the kindergarten cutoff date by 20 days so back to preschool again. Her school started back up again last week and she's so excited! She did great with no anxiety when I left (which was so nice). With no kids I was able to go get my hair cut and relax a little. I could get used to this!

A funny little story. Our lives have changed a little with all the dogs becoming indoor dogs. Before all we had inside all day was Chance, out tiny little geriatric terrier. He ruled the roost. The black lab, Cody, and the setter from Hell, Sophie, lived outdoors during the day and came inside during the night and bad weather. This setup worked fine for us for a decade now. Then something in Sophie's head just went off and she decided she was an indoor dog.....could be the gun fire or thunder who knows. So now the kids and I are figuring out how we are all going to live together.  The big dogs steal the couch from the kids, there is a severe amount of whining about the dog "breathing on me," some one is always getting licked and kids toys are getting eaten on a daily basis.

The funny part? Now that Sophie (the red setter in the above picture) is indoors Chance has his girlfriend around at all times. Chance, the black terrier, has always been in love with her and likes to show it at all times. In other words there is a huge amount of dog humping going on in my house. Everyone is fixed, there are no problems there. Chance was a stray and not neutered until he was nearly a year old. I think he just retained his boyish characteristics. Lucky Sophie. She doesn't care. She just sits or lies around and takes it.

The kids think it's hilarious. They have no idea what he's doing. I've said he's "dancing" with her because I'm really not ready for the birds and bees talk just yet. Yesterday Chance was in marathon mode and did this for about an hour. Greta decided to drag a chair over and "watch the show."  My kids are going to be so scarred.

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Granny Randi said...

Gotta love Chance!

I'm glad Greta had no preschool anxiety. Good for her and you.

Enjoy your free time!