Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-Spring break is over and I'd have to say it was a success even though we were sick for most of it. And by "we" I mean me. Those kids get sick and they've bounced back in a matter of days. Sean and I get sick and it lingers. This cold was bad, one of the worst I've had. Oh well, glad it's done! I decided to take the kids to the discount theater to see Wreck it Ralph. This would be Greta's first movie theater experience. She did really good. Although she couldn't figure out how to sit in the seats without them collapsing in on her and she wouldn't go for the booster seat which led her to sitting on my lap for a large majority of the movie (which I certainly didn't mind). The movie itself was...different? Most of the animated movies are "feel good" but this one had a "dark" feel to it even though most of it was set in a pink marshmallow candy land setting. Not a bad movie, just different. The kids sure had fun but that might have been because we smuggled in popcorn and Peeps and they got to sit next to Noni.

-Well, "No Shave January" turned into no shave February and most of March. Sean rocked that beard but alas it wasn't meant to be. He said it itched constantly, I said "Shave it!". So I gave him a hair cut and he gave himself a beard shave. He probably lost four pounds of hair. Perhaps we'll see the beard again one day but for now I'm enjoying the smooth look.

-With all this snow and rain it doesn't look like I'll be out getting the garden ready for planting anytime soon. I am not complaining (too much) since snow and rain are moisture after all. But Greta and I both needed a little time away from the house so we went to the mall yesterday to meander around. When you are with a three year old in a mall the number one fun thing to do is ride the escalator. So that is what we did. We rode it up and down, over and over again. By the end Greta was a pro and stepping on and off. It was fun. We had to take a trip over to the play area although it was against my better judgement with all the colds the kids have been bringing home, more germs we don't need. Lucky for me the mall Easter bunny had set up shop right next to the play area and would make random appearances to shake hands with the kids. My little girl did not like the Easter bunny. She kept her eyes on him at all times. She got pretty paranoid about it and in the end we had to leave. Guess we won't have any pictures of her on the Easter bunny's lap.

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Granny Randi said...

My baby looks like my baby again...without the beard! He looks a lot older with it. Either way, he's still my baby!
Glad you are finally feeling better...funny how your kids get over things faster.
Enjoy the rain. Wish you could send some our way.
Happy Easter and love to you all. NO Easter Bunny for me this year. I had such fun last year!