Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strange vehicles, grow lights & free books

Happy first day of spring! I wish I was feeling better to enjoy it but alas Sean and I are still sick. The kids on the other hand are bouncing off the walls. It is Spring Break after all. I wish I had activities planned for these two bored kids but I'm fighting, what I think to be, a sinus infection. Boy, it's not fun. Dizzy in the mornings, congestion, coughing all night long....the works! Sean has pink eye (again) and his ears are starting to hurt, that poor guy gets ear infections whenever Wesley brings home a cold. So our spring break has been a bit low key. The highlight of the week so far has been lunch at Pizza Hut yesterday, that should tell you something. We are getting ice cream cones and hitting the local park today and I have plans to take them to see a movie tomorrow (Greta's first theater experience) so the week hopefully won't be a total wash.

Sean had to work from home a few days so as to not infect everyone at the office with pink eye. He left his laptop at work so I drove in to retrieve it. With a parking lot full of engineers, one never knows what they will park next to. Case in point.

I decided I needed to get my seedlings under some grow lights so I ordered a bulb off of Amazon. Then while I was at Wal-Mart last Friday I thought I'd run by their bulb section to see if, by chance, they carried anything. Low and behold they have a grow light setup for $10.50 (!). That's a few dollars less than the single bulb I ordered online. So between the light bar I got at Wally World and the Amazon bulb, the seedlings have 12 hours of light on them. They are looking healthy and a few are getting their true leaves.  Oh I nearly forgot the best part......I had to build some sort of frame to attach this light bar to. Something that would suspend it over the plants. I've felt like cow dung for the better part of a week now and the thought of going out to the shop and whacking together a wood frame did not interest me. So behold my white trash creation, cereal boxes with a hole cut out. Awesome eh?

I thought I'd also share something cool I found this week. While roaming around Amazon looking at their eBooks I found several gardening eBooks that were free (along with tons of other non-gardening free eBooks). I told Sean this is the first instance I wish we had purchased a Kindle instead of the Nexus tablet. That's when he informed me there is a Kindle app for the Android tablets. Woo hoo! So now I'm this mad downloading fool on Amazon. There are some really great eBooks out there, many of which I've been reading at 3 o'clock in the morning when I'm coughing up a lung. Fun times!

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Granny Randi said...

So how does cow dung feel???

Love your cereal box contraption...very inventive and cheap, too!

Hope you and Sean are feeling better. Have fun with papa Rich this weekend.

Miss you and love you all.