Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-We have a mystery to solve this weekend. Every morning I let the three cats out of the shop to spend the day frolicking and hunting birds like young cats do. Then every evening at feeding time I let them back into the shop for protection and to eat all the mice. Well, lately I let them out in the morning and by noon they are mysteriously back in the shop. It's a well sealed, locked shop. We have no idea how they are getting back in there. There are no obvious reasons so this weekend we'll be watching them closely to see how they are doing it. Silly cats.

-I recently went to Panera for lunch on one of my childless outings and had their Spinach Power Salad. Oh my is it delicious. It's got baby spinach, roasted mushrooms and onions, diced eggs, bacon, frizzled onions & Vidalia onion vinaigrette. I immediately decided I needed to make this at home, and surprisingly enough had nearly all the ingredients (I added red onions and zucchini, omitted the bacon and fried onions). The past two days I've had it for lunch and Greta just looks at it and says "Please don't make me eat that." I don't make her eat it. But it is so good and I highly recommend it if you happen to be an adult and near a Panera Bread.

I've really been cleaning up my diet and it feels wonderful. My goal was to cut out processed foods, fast food (which has been easy to do), only drink water, use only olive oil and coconut oils to cook with, cut bread out by about 85%, switch from cow milk to coconut milk & veggies veggies veggies. I feel like I've gone Paleo without all the meat. Ha ha, I know that's all Paleo is! I have so much energy, the bloated feel is gone and my blood sugars aren't all over the map anymore.  The cleaned up diet, combined with weights and the treadmill seems to be the ticket for me. This is a life style change for me and I'm so excited about it.

-I've become a pro at giving goats shots over the past month. Dym had her follow up worming 21 days after the vet wormed her and promptly stopped eating yet again. This was two nights ago so I immediately started giving her B-12 injections again. Giving shots to animals has always intimated me, mainly due to their size. I'm usually alone when I give these shots so I have to kinda man handle the animal into a position where they can't run. Dym is such a sweet animal and just watches me give the shot now. She knows she gets some molasses and soaked beet pulp when it's done.

My sister and her family was down visiting this past weekend, usually I have my camera out but this time I only managed to capture a couple of cute pictures. It was nice seeing everyone, eating lots of good food and letting the cousins play.


Granny Randi said...

Good job on the diet! I just heard about Paleo on Facebook last week. I thought it was giving up all of your electronic gadgets...obviously it has to do with what is it?
Spinach salad looks delish...something I would love. When I visit next time let's do lunch!
Miss and love you all.

Granny Randi said...

I didn't mean diet as in dieting...just diet as in what you eat!

The Menagerie Momma said...

Hehehe....we will do lunch for sure Randi. From what I can figure out Paleo (aka caveman diet) is "if you can kill it or pick it you can eat it". Also you need to be able to eat it raw, even though you do cook the potatoes, peanuts, beans are out. That kind of thing. I'm not going Paleo but I find I am eating similarly to it's guidelines without all the meat. Bacon on everything, no thank you.

Granny Randi said...

Thanks for the info...don't know where I've been!