Monday, December 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Christopher

This was our first year with our elf Christopher (our version of Elf on a Shelf) and it's been fun for all of us. I'm kind of happy things are wrapping up for the season as we've officially run out of locations to stash Christopher. Next year we'll have to enlist help from Google for creative ideas. Each morning Wesley runs around looking for Christopher and informs us that "wouldn't it be so funny if Christopher was on a ceiling fan?" So we only thought it fair to put the elf on the fan for the last evening he's with us.

 I also found a cute idea to have Christopher write the kids a goodbye letter. Boy was it a hit. Here is the letter:

Dear Wesley and Greta,
I have had so much fun being a part of your family for the last month. You guys sure have a lot of fun around here.
Tonight when you go to sleep a little Christmas magic is going to happen. I will fly back to the North Pole for the last time this year. I will make my last report to Santa before he gets on his sleigh and heads around the world to spread Christmas cheer. When you wake up tomorrow morning I will be gone and presents will be under the tree. I know there will be presents, because I have told Santa all about what good children you are. I passed on all of your messages to the big guy and I know he will do his best to find the perfect presents for you.
Lucky for us Santa will lift my magic for just a few minutes after you are done reading this letter. In those few minutes it will be okay to touch me, hug me and kiss me goodbye. When you are finished with your goodbyes just put me back where you found me and I will find my way to the North Pole tonight. Can’t wait to see you next Christmas season!
Merry Christmas!

You should have seen their eyes as I read the letter. Simply priceless.  They each got to hug and kiss the elf goodbye before putting him on the mantle until he leaves tonight. They are both very sad to see him go.

We've been keeping busy in the house making cookies. We don't make too many sweet treats around here since ol' mom can't seem to keep herself from inhaling them in one sitting. So it's an occasion to make a big batch of cookies. We set up a big decorating table and let the kids (and us of course) have a go at decorating sugar cookies. They turned out great and have been slowly disappearing over the past two days.

We can't wait for the big guy himself to come visit tonight.  Merry Christmas!

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Stacy said...

I tried the Elf on the Shelf thing this year but kind of botched it. First of all, the Elf is like 18 inches long - and I didn't introduce him until about December 15 (when I thought to buy it on Etsy). And then I think I just got so busy I couldn't really "sell" it to Berkley - but I'll do better and start earlier next year. Maybe I need a new Elf, come to think of it...