Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Progress

  We had another lovely weekend with Papa Rich visiting. He makes some fabulous waffles on Sunday's and I politely asked if he could make them while he was here. He agreed and so yesterday he was in the kitchen preparing his specialty. It was time he passed on his skills to another generation so Sean was stationed in the kitchen as well, taking notes and learning from the Master. I hope he took good notes because I'm expecting some homemade waffles and black berry sauce when Rich moves back to New Mexico.

My "honey-do list" has been having a lot crossed off lately. Sure feels good to accomplish stuff, stuff that has been on the list for years. The koi pond has an electrical outlet that runs the pump that runs the waterfall. The outlet hasn't been functioning for at least a year and a half, so Rich and Sean tackled that this weekend putting in a new outlet. I love having the waterfall back up and running, the sound of flowing water is relaxing. Might even have to go get some new goldfish this year. 

Getting the pump down in the pump box is always an adventure. You clean it out the best you can then you just stick your hands down in a deep box full of murky brown water. Luckily this year there were no snakes! Minion helped me out, jumping on every frog she could find. I also got to spend a couple of hours pulling reeds and roots that clog up the pond. It's looking better but still needs some TLC. Oh and NO the kids do not swim in the koi pond, they had their floaties on because they were out swimming in the kiddie pool....not the nasty snake infested koi pond. 

 And there's more! I've dreamed of having the well up and running for years now. Luckily we have rural water and aren't dependent on well water. But when it comes to watering a garden, filling a koi pond and keeping a stock tank full the well water will come in handy (as well as save us some money!). So Rich and Sean pulled the well pump, figured out it just needed a new fitting (the old one seemed to have just disintegrated). So after a trip to Lowes and a soldering job in the basement we now have a working well again! That is so exciting. Sean keeps talking about a sprinkler system for the yard and now it could actually be a possibility. Thank you boys for all of your hard work!


Granny Randi said...

I'm glad you're putting papa Rich to work! He needs to be busy.
Miss you and love you.

Hoofprints said...

Do you rent him out? lol