Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Wednesday Write-Up

-A big milestone in Greta's life happened over the weekend. She officially moved into a toddler bed (or toddly bed as she calls it). She likes to show anyone and everyone that comes to the house her new, awesome bed. She had been climbing out of her crib for some time now and we decided it was time to get rid of it. The crib has earned a new name over the years. I like to fondly refer to it as the "Woodchuck Crib". It literally looks like it housed a family of hungry woodchucks or beavers. My children have both sharpened their fangs on every available wooden surface in the once beautiful crib. We'll be lucky if we can give it away in the condition it's in.

-I haven't written much this year about the garden, but it's growing! I have to admit that my enthusiasm for it is pretty low this growing season, not real sure why. I can hardly keep up with the weeds even though I've been getting mulch down. I've mentioned in past gardening posts that I'm a mulcher, not a rototiller. I never rototill the garden, instead I just pack mulch on all winter and in the spring just uncover each row and plant.You know, the lazy method. The problem? This past winter I failed to mulch. So now my mulch is thin and weeds are making their way through. Plus some of the weeds look like the blasted crop itself. Like corn, I have this weed that looks just like the corn stalk and I sit there trying to decide which one to pull...and in the end just don't pull either and give up. But there is stuff growing back there. Lots of corn, bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, bush beans, sugar snap beans and cucumbers. Oh and lots of cilantro, cilantro goes on everything in my kitchen. I also went colorful this year and planted about every other row with flowers, zinnias mostly since I had such good luck with them last year. Can't forget sunflowers. Gotta have more mammoth sunflowers.

-Greta has been changing a whole lot over the past few months. The terrible two's is gaining a whole new meaning. She's growing into her own and she's not taking any guff from her older brother. He pushes her, she pushes him back harder. Wesley's been coming up to me crying more and more lately because little sis is beating him up. I can't help but smirk a little because he's finally getting some of his own medicine. In response to her new attitude he's started expressing himself through his artwork. *grin* He spends about half an hour drawing these big, brightly colored pictures and usually somewhere in the picture is a representation of Greta's head with a big "X" through it. It makes me laugh out loud each and every time.

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Granny Randi said...

Love Wesley's picture of Greta! It's amazing when the 'baby" of the family gets a voice...Jeremy used to pound Sean and then one day Sean fought back...the rest is history...holes in the wall, etc!