Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hay, Fencing and Welding

Whew, another busy weekend done. I always wonder if the average person works as hard on weekends as we do. We just fall into bed at the end of the day. Anyhow, it's the time of year when I run out of hay for the horses and goats and usually have to scrounge around begging some local farmer to sell me a round bale of last years cutting which is usually brown and gross. So you'll understand my delight when I find a local guy (7 miles away) selling round bales of this years hay. He literally cut it last weekend. It's beautiful green and smells lovely. I love the smell of hay, call me strange. The kicker here? It was even not all that badly priced. Coming off of a summer last year where round bales were selling for $90+ because of the drought, I think these $60 looked pretty good. I suppose it's still astronomical compared to just a couple years ago when they were $30. But I'll take what I can get. We don't have a trailer so my awesome Father-in-law offered to follow me in his truck so I didn't have to make two trips to pick up the hay.  They even unloaded them for me, how sweet.

On the subject of trucks, I got my truck out this past week and the kids and I gave it a much needed bath. It's stored in the shop and rarely gets much use these days but when we do need it, it's sure nice to have around. I don't think I could get rid of it really. I've had it nearly my whole adult life and I love my truck. I get this strange attachment to vehicles that I like. I bought it new when I was 18 years old and I just turned 33 this month, you do the math. Looking pretty good for an old truck.

On Saturday I batted my eye lashes and asked very sweetly if we could redo a section of the horse fencing in between the corral and the lagoon. The goats have done a number in that fencing (much like they do to all fencing) and it was, as I like to say, "a vet bill waiting to happen". The fence was fraying and loose wires were poking everywhere. The goats and horses like to rub on everything (myself included) and a fence is the perfect scratching post. It got so bad that the younger goats were squeezing under it and going back and forth between the corral and lagoon. So we took down the old fence, pulled the t-posts and pounded in new ones. This time we put them four feet apart instead of the usual 6-8 feet apart. Ha! Try and get under that fence you punks! Rich was visiting for the weekend and offered to help. Thanks Rich!

My tractor is coming along nicely. It needed some things welded so Hubby took advantage of his Dad being here and got everything welded. The mig welder that he brought back from the farm all those years ago finally got used today. The tractor is moving along bit by bit. Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Hoofprints said...

I think I'm with you on the falling into bed thing this weekend. I don't think I left a nook or cranny uncleaned this weekend on my de-fleaing frenzy. But I must say you have quite a nice fence there!

Granny Randi said...

Work that man as long as you have him...He loves contributing!
I remember my brother's reaction at your wedding when he saw you climb into the driver's seat of your truck with your wedding dress pulled up and your cowboy boots exposed! He said they don't do that in Baltimore!
Love you and miss you all.