Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tiny Memories

When we had new carpet installed a few weeks ago we had to take everything out of the closets and move it to the basement, along with everything in each room. It was a huge undertaking and we loaded the basement to the ceiling. I really should have taken a picture, it was a bit disturbing. But anyways, this week I have started the daunting task of moving all of the stuff back into it's former location. I was hauling the giant wedding dress bag up the stairs and both kids were super curious about what was inside. So I got out the old wedding dress and Greta immediately wanted to wear it. I got some pretty cute shots of her. Perhaps some day she might even want to wear it when she gets married.

Of course not wanting to be upstaged by his little sister, Wesley even took his turn in the dress. Camo shirt and all. Hehehe.....I fully plan on showing this at his wedding.

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Granny Randi said...

Mandy, you looked absolutely beautiful in that dress! I especially liked the cowboy boots!
The pictures of Greta are wonderful and the one of Wesley is hilarious...good blackmail material!
Miss you and love you!