Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hand Mutilator

Ok, so if you've been reading this little blog of mine then you know that I am the proud new owner of a handgun. The gun has been sitting in its box, untouched since we bought it at the gun show about a month ago. Deciding it was time to shoot it, I went to the gun range in town on Tuesday evening with my Dad. My father joined a pistol league at work and invited me to go shooting with him. Actually he invited me to join the pistol league too but since I don't work where he works I'd have to pay quite a bit of money to join and I doubt I was a very good shot anyways. SO, I decided to just go shooting with him.

Overall, it was quite an experience. My gun, a Ruger LCR, is definitely not a pleasure to shoot. I think I shall refer to it as the "hand mutilator" from hence forth. As a self defense weapon it will work wonderfully, but as something that you take and shoot with any regularity.....not gonna happen. I put 25 rounds through it and my hand felt like someone took a hammer to it. The meaty part between my thumb and pointer finger still hurts and it's been two days. I believe I hit the target with all 25 rounds but got worse as I shot because I was flinching as it went off in preparation for the pain. Ouch. So then I got to shoot dad's .22 that he shoots for the league. I believe it's a Ruger Mark III. So much nicer to shoot. Nearly zero recoil, and a nice heavy gun. Might have to pick up a .22 caliber gun in the near future if I want to go shooting with Dad every week. Which I think I'd like to. Heck maybe I'll join a league at the gun range. Because you know I'm not competitive at all. *wink

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Granny Randi said...

You did great! Maybe you need a hand massage!