Monday, July 11, 2011

Water Fun!

My sister and her family came down for the weekend for Wesley's birthday party. It was sure nice to see her kiddos. Baby Bennett is already three months old and growing like a weed, as is Emery who is roughly the same age as Greta. The sun was shining and we thought it'd be nice to let the kids play in the pool. So after slathering them up with sun block we let them splash around in the kid pool.

After a bit, the little one's diapers swelled up so bad with water that we took them off. So two of the three became naked little swimmers. I'd like to say they took to the water like ducks but not so much. There was so much slipping and sliding and coughing up water that it was exhausting. Not to mention it was a thousand degrees outside. Luckily we weren't outside very long since we discovered it was almost literally a thousand degrees outside.

Man this is one hot summer! Broke all sorts of records with this temperature. Hope everyone is staying cool wherever you are. Birthday party pictures tomorrow.

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Granny Randi said...

What adorable pictures! Love the naked toddler shots and Greta's beautiful smile. Glad the cousins had a chance to bond.
Love to you all.