Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chapter Closed

I do believe I am done with milking a goat. Whew. I've been trying to dry Dym up since April and boy, has it been a challenge. You see there is very little information out there on how to dry up a goat with the udder that Dym has on her. She's got long, pendulous teats with an udder that isn't attached very well to her body. Add to that she produces a HUGE amount of milk. Combine all that and you have a goat that's difficult to dry up (stop milking). In April I went from milking her daily to milking her every other day. Two weeks later I skipped another day. And so on. Finally last month I was milking her once every six days and still getting two gallons each time. I felt that this could have gone on forever. So I talked to a few knowledgeable people and was told to just stop milking her. So around the middle of June I milked her out and left her alone. She wasn't too pleased with me but she got over it and finally it looked like she was done making milk. The problem with her udder was that she couldn't reabsorb the milk in her bag since it didn't attach to her body very well. Poor goat was just lugging this bag of milk around everywhere. So I let a month go by and last night I milked her out for a final time. I think everyone involved is happy that experience is done.Thanks Dym for letting me learn on are an awesome goat.

My homemade set up....worked for six months. Thanks Brenda for the use of the milking machine, you saved my hands. Literally.

Sweet Dym.

Come on Ma! Share the good stuff!

Dym's cute kids sure are getting big.....the boy is nearly as tall as Mom.


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Canning! I'm learning all about canning veggies so I can try my luck at it next week. The garden is producing so much, it's exciting!