Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Fun

I can't believe that the kids have been out of school for nearly two months. I blink and summer is almost over. We've been having fun and keeping oh so busy. I need a day off from this go go summer to just relax!

We signed the kids up for the Summer Reading Program at the library like we do every year. This goes through fifth grade so Wesley only has one more year of it which makes me sad. They always have a fun time and do great projects each week. Plus it's free which is nice in this day and age. The most memorable project so far has been the bridge building project. The got gum drops and toothpicks and had to make a bridge. Then at the end of the hour they got to test their bridge with weights to see how it stood up.

On the summer bucket list was a trip to our local nature center. It's a big park right in the middle of town with miles of trail over marsh lands and ponds. Lot of wildlife to see and trails off the main road to wander down. The kids enjoy it as do I. Jessica and her kids met us there and we had a nice time all wandering around.

We've been working on some home improvement projects this summer, one of which is new gravel. We've got a fairly long driveway that is riddled with potholes due to poor drainage. We also have a power line that runs in the air right above the driveway. This prevents dump trucks from dumping gravel on the driveway. So we have to have them dump it up by the house and then move it by hand to the driveway. This just seems like too much work so we haven't done anything in years and the driveway shows it. With the new(ish) farm truck being heavy duty I decided to take it to the local lumber store and have them put a few skid loader scoops of gravel in the back. It can handle 3000lbs in the bed and we put two 1200lb scoops back there. It turned out to be the perfect amount to fill the potholes. I had a helper for about half of it before he got too hot and headed inside. The only down side to fixing all the holes is that I won't know when the UPS guy is here with a delivery anymore. His truck didn't handle the potholes too well and made all sorts of noises coming down the driveway. I bet I'll get a thank you card from him.

Oh and since I brought up home improvement, I thought I'd show you a picture of the new (to us) dining room chairs I found. I enjoy the garage sale pages on facebook where people post the stuff they have for sale and you just comment if you'd like to buy it. I've picked up some great stuff over the years. These chairs came up and they were only like two miles away so I grabbed them.  Eight chairs for $150, seemed like a good deal after seeing what new chairs sell for. I think it  updates the dining room (plus the old chairs were getting a bit rickety).

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