Thursday, July 13, 2017

Birthday Boy!

Wesley celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday. He's such a big kid now, double digits and everything! He had a little celebration last weekend with his friends Alex, Abby and Evie. He is really into this odd superhero he created called "Super Pooper" and wanted me to create it for his cake. It's just a poo emoji in a cape, so I said sure. Here he is with this cake.

Super Pooper with his minions.

He wanted a pogo stick and once he recieved it he promptly went outside in the 100 degree heat and jumped 1100 times in a row. He says he wants to beat that record but might wait for it to cool down a bit. He also learned how to jump without hands. Crazy kid!

My parents got him a starter bow and arrow for him to learn archery with. The kids got some good aim and got it in the target more than once. His bow is not strong enough to pierce the target bag but Sean got his bow out and shot a few arrows into the target. Sean has had his bow for a few years but this is the first time he's shot it. It was a fun evening and has prompted me to shop around for a heavier duty bow for myself to start practicing with.

To celebrate his actual birthday (and because it's a fun thing to do on a hot day) we went to the arcade to blow a couple of hours. Sean took off work a little early and met us there. We only go to this place once a year and every time we go it's different. They get new games in and rearrange the joint so it's like a new place every time we visit. The kids love it and get to cash in their tickets for cheap toys.

Greta found a claw machine full of rubber duckies of all different varieties (cowboy ducks, piggie ducks, pirate get the idea). I tried to steer her away telling her how difficult it is to win any claw machine but she persisted and took several tokens over to try her luck. I believe in the end she won 5 rubber ducks and gave Wesley two of them since it was his birthday. She sure loves those ducks!

Birthday dinner at Cheddars.

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John and Julie said...

Arcade then Cheddars, Wow what a fun time that would have been!