Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sick Greta

Poor Greta caught some bug and started having a fever on Saturday. It's now Wednesday and she's been home from school for three days. She's got a sore throat, fever and can't talk. Doctor checked her out yesterday and said it's probably just a virus. She's watched every Christmas movie on Netflix and decided to take a break from TV and play with my camera. She likes taking selfies apparently (which isn't easy to do with a traditional camera). These are my favorite.

The child's hair will need some serious help before heading back to school. Hehe. She did manage to take this gem of a picture of Winston. The dog is super difficult to photograph, he's always in motion....she did great.

Back to the doctor tomorrow to see if she has strep throat. Poor kid.

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John Kraft said...

Get her going on YouTube to learn how to do something she likes. You can spend hours doing that!