Thursday, September 29, 2016


It's that time of the year again. The cool, crisp mornings, the leaves beginning to change and a certain six year old daughter running around excited for her birthday. It usually starts a good month in advance.....her excitement that is. She'll start counting down the days and telling me all the toys she wants. This year was no different. Greta had a lovely seventh birthday.

She's getting so big! She is, by far, the tallest kid in her first grade class. Most people mistake her for a third or fourth grader. Her cousins came for her party this past weekend and she got to invite her best friend from school too. She's very much into Shopkins and had a Shopkin themed party.

My Dad also celebrated since they share a birthday. We had a nice dinner and cobbler that evening so as to not let his birthday get overshadowed by the Shopkin crazed seven year old. :) Happy Birthday Pops!

We try to do something a little special for the "unbirthday boy" (Wesley) and this year I bought him a set of two steering wheel controllers for the WiiU and rented Mario Kart 8 from the library. It was a hit! I'm pretty sure everyone tried their hand at that game, some we had to pry the steering wheel from their hands at the end of the day. Fun times!


John and Julie said...

We both had a fine birthday celebration. The Wii steering wheels were such a hit we now have a set and a Mario racing game!

Granny Randi said...

Looked like such fun...sorry we live so far away. :-(