Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Well I'm not exactly getting off to a good start this year with blogging! It turns out when I'm sick I don't do much of anything, including blogging. Imagine that. I'm on my tenth and last day of steroids in an attempt to get over the never ending cold I caught sometime last month. It's now traveled through the family and we're all hunkered down trying to recuperate. There's been a lot of couch sitting and Playstation playing going on. It's been relaxing and I'm happy to say I think we are all on the mend.....if only I could get rid of the dizziness.

Sophie has mended well from her surgery. The stitches were removed and the scar is hardly noticeable now that the fur is regrowing. She's back to her ornery self keeping all the crumbs licked clean from the table and barking us awake at 6 am. Fun times!

We've had some remarkably nice weather lately with it even hitting 70 degrees last week. I wonder if we'll get any snow this winter at all. I hope we do, at least once. With it being mild out I asked Sean if he'd mind doing a cleaning of the horse pen. We try to get it cleaned up every couple of months but it's all weather permitting. You don't venture in there with the little tractor if it's muddy, there would be no getting it out. I sure appreciate him doing that job.

Sometimes when you've been cooped up in your house for a long period of time it's nice to just get out for an afternoon. That's just what Greta and I did last weekend. She needed new gym shoes (growing like a week that one) and I needed a nice big ice tea from Panera. Greta got a giant heart sugar cookie and we took one home for Wesley. It was a nice Mother/Daughter time, something we don't get to do much these days.

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Granny Randi said...

I love the picture of you and Greta!