Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February Happenings

We've been having some lovely mild temperatures this winter and decided to have a picnic on the trampoline.  The wind was a bit chilly but not horrible especially if you dress appropriately (unlike Wesley in shorts). Doesn't he look thrilled? Fun times.

Wesley is enjoying Cub Scouts this year and it's nearly time for the Pinewood Derby race. This is a Cub Scout tradition each year where each kid makes a little car to race against the other boys in the den. Then if his car wins he goes to race against the winners of the other dens. Wesley got to work this weekend on creating his car. He got to use a band saw for the first time. He thought this was pretty cool. I stayed inside and left this task up to his father because it worried me a bit. What can I say? I'm a mom, I worry. But there was nothing to worry about, he did great. Still has all his fingers intact. Next weekend is sanding and painting.

Wesley has always had a fascination with space and space travel. Always asking all sorts of questions. So when we rented the movie The Martian this weekend we decided he might be old enough to watch it (after we watched it first of course). Greta has a pretty short attention span for movies (unless they have carton princesses in them) so we knew she wouldn't watch it. He really enjoyed it, watched the entire 2 hour movie! Greta would wander in for 5 minutes at a time and curl up on the couch like this....because of the suspense. It makes me laugh.

Since this past Sunday was Valentine's Day I thought I'd share the beautiful roses my sweet hubby got me. He's such a good husband.


John and Julie said...

Nice Flowers! Glad Wesley saw the Martian and liked it and glad he and his Dad are working on a pinewood derby car.

Granny Randi said...

I worried about the boys and all of the equipment on the farm. Rich taught the boys about safety and responsibility. I'm sure Sean is doing the same. Good job, Wesley!

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman!