Monday, August 3, 2015

Out and About

The summer is quickly winding down, school starts in two and a half weeks. That's crazy! I suppose time flies when you're having fun. I always plan to do so many things with the kids during the summer and in the end I'm happy if I get half of them done. They've been having fun though. We've had to instill limits on the electronic devices because if it was up to them they'd play computer games and Minecraft on the playstaton3 all day long. It's funny because the one hour time limit doesn't start until I wake up so they've learned if they whisper and tippy toe through the house they can play Minecraft all morning as long as I stay asleep. It's a win win for everyone!

We decided to get out of the house today and go have a little fun. They love going out to lunch so I took them to my favorite place, Jason's Deli. Any place that offers free ice cream after your meal is a winner in our book. They always love going to the giant fountain and playing around the lake. It's a fun place to spend an hour (until it's so hot you must go find air conditioning).

Then we decided it was time for Greta to get a haircut before Kindergarten starts. This will be only her second real haircut from a stylist. I've always just cut the dry ends off and tried to tame the wild curls myself, but this time we called in a professional. She did great and they took about an inch off and gave her layers. I might be able to get a comb through it now! Woo hoo!

We can't have an outing without a family selfie in the car.  Those are my little goofballs!

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Granny Randi said...

I love Jason's deli, too! Greta's haircut is cute. I haven't had a haircut in year and a half!
Can't believe school is 2 weeks away. Where has the summer gone. Love and miss you all.