Sunday, August 23, 2015

Late August Activities

School has been in session for three days now. Greta is adjusting to full day kindergarten really well. She seems eager to go in the mornings and likes her teacher a whole lot. I feel like I was more anxious about her starting school than she was. I do miss my little mini me around all day. She and I had fun. So yesterday we went into town for a girls day out. We went shopping and stopped by Panera for a treat. She picked out a carrot cake cupcake.

We cut into it and to her surprise found shredded carrots. She picked some up and asked me why there were shredded carrots in it. I had to explain that carrot cake is made from carrots. She thought it was called carrot cake because of the tiny sugar carrot on the top. It made me laugh. She got home and told her dad it would have been good except for the shredded carrots, raisins and walnuts in it. Ha! So needless to say I got to eat a really tasty cupcake minus the frosting (she liked that).

Afterwards we went to Petco to look at the animals. I cleaned out Wesley's 5 gallon aquarium in his room and I brought in a water sample to see if it was ready for fish. The water looked great so we picked out a Betta. They had a whole wall of Betta fish in tiny little containers but only one yellow one. Greta's favorite color is yellow and she was so excited to find one in her favorite color.  She's a little jealous it's up in his tank but she is getting an aquarium for her birthday so perhaps "Sunny" the Betta will be transferred down to her tank at that time.

She got to carry it the whole way home and did a great job not letting him get too jarred. Isn't he just beautiful? I've never seen a yellow Betta before.

Wesley is enjoying his new found love of skating. We picked up a pair of inline skates at a garage sale a few weeks ago and he's been skating around the house nonstop ever since. Funny thing, there were two exact pairs of inline skates at that garage sale and so he picked up just one pair....turns out he picked up two right hand skates instead of a right and a left skate. It rubs his leg and has created a sore spot but he just loves them too much to care. So he skates through the pain. I'll have to order him a pair of new skates sometime. 

Yesterday while I was out with Greta he decided he wanted to climb a tree, so he climbed a 20 feet in the air. Sean was there and watched him do this. He was so excited to tell me when I got home. So later in the day he went climbing that tree again. It's good he gets time with just his dad because I'm not sure how I feel about him way up high in a tree. I've got to let go one of these days I suppose. 


John and Julie said...

Thanks for the update about the fun things going on with the Grands...

Granny Randi said...

Greta's Betta is beautiful!

Get Sean to tell you about our skating experiences on the hard surface road north of our house! Go Wesley!