Friday, July 10, 2015

Museums & Mountain Fishing

From Ouray we loaded up the car and made our way over to my parent's cottage. We made a small stop at the Ridgeway Train museum. The kids enjoyed climbing all over train cars.

The kids have been asking when they'd be able to go fishing, so we made it a point to go fishing in the mountain pond near my parent's cottage. Residents are able to catch two fish a day. I honestly didn't think we'd catch much of anything so you can imagine my surprise when Wesley caught a trout not 5 minutes after getting there. I, of course, didn't bring my camera out of the car until after the trout was already released back into the water. The kids decided before we got there that they didn't want to kill the fish (they are, after all, my children). Well all said and done we caught six trout. Wesley caught two (all by himself I might add) and I caught two on Greta's tiny pink princess pole. It was a great time.

My second favorite picture from the trip.

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