Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yankee Girl Mine & Box Canyon

After our hike up to the big waterfall above town I wanted nothing more than to go hit the shops in town. I love shopping, I don't buy all that much, but I love looking! So Greta, my mom and I went walking through town while the boys (my Dad, Sean and Wesley) took the Grand Cherokee up Red Mountain (a jeep trail). I'm not a big fan of jeep trailing as I get pretty car sick on winding trails so I was happy not to have to go. They had a blast though. Sean was thrilled to try out the 4x4 on the Jeep, and it did great! I'm still hearing about it from Wesley and it's been a week. I nabbed a few pictures off of my Dad's blog to share what they got to see (hope you don't mind Pops). They got some beautiful pictures!

The next day we got ready and loaded up in the cars for a hike into Box Canyon. It was a nice, fairly easy hike for kids and the view is gorgeous. They have recently opened up a tunnel through the mountain which turns into a perimeter hike around the top of the city. We ended up doing part of that hike as well.

Probably my favorite picture from the trip.

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