Friday, April 3, 2015

Kindergarten Round-Up

 Last week I signed my youngest up for kindergarten. I'm far more emotional during this process than I was when I signed up Wesley. I really had no clue how I'd feel when Wesley went to kindergarten. It was a completely new phase having a child in school. Now three years later I have a 2nd grader who is flourishing. I do miss him when he's at school but I have Greta so it isn't too bad. Now Greta's going to school soon and I'm kind of sad. It's going to be lonely around here for seven hours a day. It will be so strange working again. I haven't worked full time in eight years.

Now Greta on the other hand. She is very excited to go to kindergarten. I can't be happier for her. When she turned five she went through an anxiety phase that I was scared she'd never emerge from. She'd cling to me during preschool drop off, crying and pleading with me not to leave her. At bedtime she'd apprehensively ask if preschool was tomorrow and then start worrying if I said yes. This behavior overlapped into doctor and dentist visits. She'd freak out if I said we had to do to the doctors. She's not completely out of that phase yet but when it comes to school she's 110% better. She LOVES preschool again. She even will go inside on her own without me. The teacher and even other parents have commented on her 180 degree behavioral change. I couldn't be more happy for her.

I am not worried at all about her entry into kindergarten. She has her best friend from preschool going into the same school with her and I've been assured that they will be in the same class. Oh and she's excited that she'll get to see her big brother in the hallways.  This is a win win situation.

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Granny Randi said...

She'll be fine, but I'm not so sure about you! It's a big adjustment, but enjoy it.