Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Wednesday Write-Up

-I've been one mad waxing fool for the last several days. That van was taken good care of and it's in good shape for it's age but I don't think it's been waxed ever in its life. Therefore there is quite a bit of oxidation on the fiberglass top of it. Feels kind of like a chalkboard. So I took a slightly abrasive rubbing compound and spent today rubbing and buffing the top before applying a wax. It's looks better, it's smooth now but not too shiny. Might have to work on it some more when it's not 94 degrees out.

-The garden is growing like crazy. I've got squash the size of my pinky all over the place (did I mention I planted like 700 varieties of squash?). The kids like to go out there and see what's growing and run around the paths. I'll have to remember to keep the paths through the garden for future years. It sure makes getting around to weed, water and spray easier. I've have to spray for bugs once now. It's an organic garden so I'm not using any harsh chemicals which doesn't leave a whole lot to control the baby grasshoppers which are out there by the thousands. I did my research and decided on Neem oil. It doesn't hurt the beneficial bugs, like lady bugs, but coats the leaves in a natural oil which repels and slowly kills the bugs that munch on the leaves. I say slowly because it takes 3-12 days to start seeing results. I'm on day 7 and am just now starting to see a decline in the baby grasshoppers. It no longer feels like I'm having handfuls of rice thrown at my legs as I walk through the garden. Yea, it was that bad. The ate all my honey dew, marigolds, broccoli and are working their way through the kale (which I was so excited about, grrr). I get to spray again tonight which I'm oddly excited about. Die, grasshoppers, die.

-Wesley had a birthday party for a friend of his this past weekend and they celebrated it at the city pool. It was our first time visiting the pool and the kids had a really great time. I had to practically drag them away. I promised them we would go back to the pool weekly for the rest of the summer which I'm already regretting. I have no desire to go back to the over populated city pool, squeeze my glowing white body into a swim suit and keep tabs on my kids so they don't drown. So, I offered them an alternative that they ate right up. Today we went to the store and bought a blow up pool that I set up in the front yard. They splashed, screamed and had a wonderful time....and I think they forgot about the city pool (at least for the moment).

Catching lady bugs. There must be thousands in our yard, they are literally flying into my face when I'm outside.

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Granny Randi said...

Will you wax my car when I visit???
I can't wait to eat your organic veggies!