Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Silly Stashes

Yesterday I had to take the van into the west side of town to get new tires put on and an alignment done. It was about an hour away and I knew it would take a few hours. I google mapped the location and found an awesome shopping center about a mile away. So I dropped off the van and went shopping. I didn't have the kids with me so it was just killing time in an outdoor mall. I must admit it was one of the most relaxing days I'd had in some time. I didn't have to be anywhere by a certain time, it was just walking and shopping. It was lovely.

I was in Old Navy and happened to come across a package of stick-on mustaches. I picked them up and immediately could hear my children's laughter in my head. They would get a kick out of something as silly as stick-on felt mustaches. I was not disappointed. They ran around the house laughing and making silly faces in the mirror. One of the best two dollars I've ever spent.


Hoofprints said...

Can I please have one of those moments you speak of? With strong emphasis on the "relaxing" part.

Nice staches though.

Granny Randi said...

I love the stashes! Can you get some more? We need a family picture!