Saturday, October 20, 2012


My legs feel like jello right now. For some strange reason I felt the need to run a local 5K this morning. It was cancelled last weekend due to the rain so I felt I was off the hook but then they rescheduled it. It would have been much more enjoyable had I run at all in the past month. Turns out training is needed even for little 3 mile races. Oh well, I made it. It was tough though. About half way through one side of my brain is saying "What the heck were you thinking?" Then the other side of the brain is saying "Wuss, you did 13 miles with no problem earlier this year!". Didn't do too bad, finished with a 29:14. Not my best 5K time, but I'll take it. I think it's time to start running on a regular basis again.

We were invited to an open house at the aircraft company my father works at. So today, after the race, we all loaded in the car and headed into town. The kids were excited because I promised them they could go explore some airplanes. I'm always excited to get them out of the house, they have been wound up lately. It was a lovely day with live music, good food, fun things to do, trolley rides and big airplanes. I'm thankful my dad invited us, it was a lot of fun.

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Granny Randi said...

Congrats on finishing your 5K. You rock!
Looks like you had fun at the open house. Papa Rich did, too! He loves airplanes! Can't wait to see you all.