Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colorado 2012 part 3 (last one)

I swear this is the last Colorado post. I just had way too many pictures to share in one pop. So back to Colorado. On the 4th of July we woke up early and headed over to Lake City without my parents, whom wanted to get a little work done on the cabin while the kids weren't around (and enjoy the peace and quiet I'm sure). The summer of my freshman year in college I pulled a little travel trailer up to Lake City and lived there while waitressing and doing housekeeping at one of the lodges. It was great fun and I'll always have fond memories of that little mountain town. I thought it only fitting to show the town to my children and hopefully start some new memories as a family.

It's only about an hour from the cabin and we made it in time for the parade and fly over. They have fighter jets do a fly over right around 10am and it was awesome! The kids cowered with fear as the noise is impressive, but luckily for them it's quick and the jets are gone. The parade was fun and the kids quickly learned that if they waved happily to each and every float then they'd get oodles of candy tossed to them. Quick learners those kids.

After that we drove around looking at the lake and all the new cabins (I think the town has become "discovered" as there were tons of new homes). We found a nice picnic area out in the woods by the lake and had a really nice lunch while enjoying the wilderness. Greta was really excited to have a picnic in the mountains (although she doesn't look all the excited).

For the 4th of July the town puts on quite a spectacle in the middle of town. Loads of games and activities all day long. We meandered back to town and let the kids get an ice cream cone at one of the stores where I used to get ice cream as a kid. Sure brought back a lot of memories.

It was a great trip and we look forward to going back next year. Hopefully next year the extra year in age will make car ride home will go a little smoother. Twelve plus hours in car and a two year old don't mix very well. Oh and I hope we'll skip out on any car issues with the next trip. Although renting a car for vacations might be a nice way of keeping all of those extra miles off of your car and trying out new wheels for an extended test drive. It was hard giving that rental car back.....if you couldn't tell.

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Granny Randi said...

I love the picture of Greta covered in chocolate ice cream...a girl after my heart!
Love to you all.