Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthday Boy

We have a birthday boy running around the house all excited because today he got to celebrate his fifth birthday. It was done in Angry Bird style. We decorated the house with Angry Birds and pigs all over everything and I spent the last week making his cake. He had a ball with his two best buds, Alex and Abby along with both sets of Grandparents (Randi drove in yesterday from New Mexico). What a special treat to have everyone come help him celebrate turning five.

He received a Spiderman costume in the mail with no idea from whom sent it. He loves it dearly and was hamming it up in it. So thank you to who ever sent it (please let me know if you sent it)!

For the past eight months Wesley has been telling me he wanted an Angry Birds cake. So, by golly, I made him an Angry Bird cake. I researched ways to sculpt with frosting and came across marshmallow fondant. You basically melt marshmallows and then stir in powdered sugar until it's stiff enough to knead like dough. Then you knead in food coloring and flavoring and sculpt with it. It's pretty cool. I spent the past week sculpting birds and pigs whenever I had the opportunity and I'm pretty happy with how it came was a certain little boy.

Happy Birthday Wesley! You've come a long way!


Hoofprints said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! I've watched you grow and now you're all big and heading to Kindergarten! How the time flies. So proud of you!
Aunt Jessica

Stacy said...

Cute! The Spidey suit is from your Washington aunt/uncle and cousins Claire and Berkley. We did hope you'd like it! Love you!

Granny Randi said...

What a wonderful birthday party! Mandy, your cake was amazing. I'm glad I could be part of it. Miss and love you all.