Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Chicken Butler

My husband has been one busy man over the holiday break. He had two weeks off and spent the majority of it working on something for me (what a sweet man I married). The dining room table was covered in wires, circuits, soldering irons, twinkling lights and humming motors.

 He got to utilize so many of his gadgets for this project, I think he was in hog heaven. The 3D printer, the table saw, milling machine and the lathe all got used. Once he was done inside putting all this stuff together (I'd like you to believe I know what all this stuff is, but I don't), he headed out to the shop to work on the other half of the project.

Still no guesses? I'll help you out. He made me an automated chicken coop door opener. You see, the chickens like to head outside at day break and I like them to be shut away safe at sunset. Some days I'm not on time and this contraption will help them be shut away safely.

I've got to say he outdid himself on this. It is very cool. It doesn't just open and shut the coop door, it also turns on and off the coop light at sunrise and sunset. There is also a webcam set up so I can go to a webpage and check to see if all five of the hens are safely inside before the door closes. The door is also programmed to open and close with the changing times of sunrise and sunset (earlier in the winter, later in the summer). He really did think of everything. It will make my life a lot simpler which is always appreciated. Below is small video of it in installed in the coop (disregard the messy coop, it doesn't get cleaned much in winter). Thanks Hubby, you rock!

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Granny Randi said...

That is so cool! Your husband is a most talented man!