Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's Happening

So last week and this week we've been busy with swimming lessons. This will be Wesley's third class and Greta's first. The first two lessons were at the YMCA. I think they do a decent job but it's pretty expensive and a 25 minute drive. This year we tried the city pool. It's 6 minutes away and only $30 for 2 weeks. It hasn't "clicked" with Wesley up until this class. He is doing great and going under the water now. He wouldn't stick his head in the water for love or money but he decided this year he was doing it. Now he's always under the water. I'm really proud of him. So he's ready for the next level which I might enroll him in next month, we'll see. Greta on the other hand was eager for swimming lessons until they asked her to try a back float (with a life guard helping of course). She shut down, ran to me crying. That's pretty much been our experience since day 2. I tried getting in the pool with her, didn't work. So now I sit on the stairs of the pool with her and she does the things she feels comfortable doing (pretty much anything except floating or dunking). We'll try her again in level 1 next year.

 We've been pretty busy this summer which has been nice. Wesley is having fun with baseball. He has games every Saturday in June and it's nice seeing the community come out to support their youngsters. Greta tells me how she wants a pink glove when it's her turn to play in a few years.

I got a call this morning from Sean, he broke down on the way to work. He said it's the first time he's been stranded since college. The corvette blew a radiator hose and it was leaking fluid on the engine causing it to smoke. I loaded the kids up and we went to rescue him, picking him up and taking him to the parts store for a new hose. He fixed it and was on his way to work in no time.

One of my kids favorite things to do is pick cherries (or peaches or apples) off of their grandparents fruit trees. This year the sour cherries were in full swing last week so we went to help Noni pick them. The poor little tree isn't very old yet it had more cherries than leaves on it. There is some great pollination going on over there (on our trees....not so much!). So they filled up a bowl full and I made a cherry cobbler with it. I probably should have taken a picture of the resulting cobbler but it was inhaled before I even remembered. Fresh cherry cobbler is the best! Thanks for sharing your fruit Mom and Dad!

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Granny Randi said...

Rich and I took the boys to swim lessons and all they did was cry. Two weeks of crying!