Monday, April 11, 2016

Cub Scout Outings, Girls Day and Water Fun

This weekend marked a "first" in Wesley's life. He got to go for his first overnight camping trip with his cub scout pack. He was a little nervous about it but got pretty excited after packing up his backpack Friday evening. He loves gadgets and seeing all the fun camping gear (lanterns, mess kits and flashlights) sure put a smile on his face. He gave us the full report after getting home yesterday. He was surprised that they "camped out right next to the road." Apparently he thought they were going to hike to a more scenic destination. He liked roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the camp fire and made sure to not turn his completely black like some of the other boys. He said his sleeping bag was warm and comfortable but the wind kept him up all night. Poor kid slept pretty good in his bed last night. He also said he really enjoyed whittling with a pocket knife and really wants his own pocket knife now. We'll have to find him a good one. I'm super proud of him!

Since Wesley was gone all weekend I thought it would be fun to take Greta out for a Girls Day Out. We don't get to do those as much anymore since she started Kindergarten and I miss them. We went out to lunch, I stopped and got a veggie bowl at Chipotle and brought it to McDonalds to eat. She got ice cream afterwards and was being a ham so I took some pictures. This is classic six year old Greta.

We went treasure hunting at Goodwill and then off to Target to look at Shopkins (her latest obsession). The Shopkins section at Target was completely cleaned out.....there wasn't a single thing. I asked a store employee what was going on and he said that's what the Shopkins section always looks like. He said they are very popular and usually always sold out. So we went to Wal-Mart and they had a nice big display. Strange. She got five new little ones that she plays with every waking hour. We had a nice time out together.

This weekend was lovely and it hit 90 degrees yesterday. The kids begged to get the sprinkler out and I said sure! They love the sprinkler on the trampoline, it's the best of both worlds. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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