Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mystery Package

Last Friday was a rather dreary, wet and rainy day. It was a chilly 50 degree day and I was expecting a package. I've never ordered something alive off of the internet before and I was worried because it was scheduled to be delivered last Friday. It was also the day that the kids had their Halloween parties and I wasn't going to be home to receive my package. So as I drove out of the driveway on my way to the school I thought I'd check the mailbox in the off chance it was sitting in there. It was! I didn't have time to make it back into the house to unbox the contents into the warmth so I tucked it into my sweater and off I went to the Halloween party.

The box and it's contents stayed warm with me until I got home and had a chance to open up the box two hours later.

Inside among the newspapers  was a small bag containing an even smaller plastic container full of water. What was in that water?

40 baby Malaysian Trumpet Snails of course! I had read all about how beneficial they are to aquariums and couldn't find them locally so I bought them off of eBay. Two days later they were sitting in my cold mailbox. I popped them into a little bowl of warm aquarium water and they perked right up. These fascinating snails burrow down in the sand and eat dead plant material and debris. They burrow out at night and clean the tank like the little janitors they are. I plopped them into the little kitchen aquarium with Baby Macy our newest betta (Greta named it).

Just thought I'd share how I wore a box of snails to my daughters Halloween party last Friday. Not often do I do that.


John and Julie said...

Great Story! Glad you kept the little critters warm. Anxious to hear how they do keeping the aquarium clean...

Granny Randi said...

You rock, Mandy!