Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween: This & That

We had a nice and spooky Halloween with the kids. This year Greta went as Olaf and Wesley went as a cheeseburger. He's got a food theme going, last year he was a banana.

Trick-or-treating went smoothly and we are now loaded down with sugar, sugar and more sugar. You can never have enough sugar right? Yeah right! I did the room mom gig for Greta's kindergarten class and it was fun. The parents really stepped up and helped out bringing ideas and food for the Halloween party. Greta has a really nice group of kids and parents in her class.....and her teacher is just the best!

Some years I drop the ball and forget to get pumpkins but this year I remembered! And I remembered to buy a pumpkin carving kit....because mine runs away every year. So I plunked the kids down and let them draw and carve their own pumpkins. Greta needed help with the sawing action needed to carve but for the most part they did them themselves.

Since this post if pretty random I thought I'd share a picture of our resident deer who likes to visit our backyard every fall. She usually has a set of twins on her but this year she only had a single fawn. It's nice to see her back.

We don't get a lot of the beautiful fall colors that other parts of the country get but we do get some. I love when the maples along the driveway change to yellow. Happy Fall everyone!


John and Julie said...

I liked their costumes and seeing the carved pumpkins. How go the "sugar highs"?

Granny Randi said...

Those costumes are wonderful!