Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cub Scouts

That's my little Cub Scout (and his sister). Wesley has decided that Scouting might be a good fit this year. So far it's been enjoyable. He has gotten to walk all over town picking up food donations for the local food pantry and this week we decorated the towns cemetery with flags for Veteran's Day. I really like the community involvement that Boy Scouts has and I'm thrilled he's part of it. Perhaps we'll get Greta involved in Girl Scouts next year.

On a side note, notice that big pot of petunia's next to Wesley in the picture? Yeah we still have big pots of blooming flowers on the deck on November 11th. That is crazy late for a first freeze. We are all enjoying this very mild Fall.

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John and Julie said...

I'm so glad you have him involved in scouting!