Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Fall!

I'm writing you this blog entry as I sit with my cup of hot tea with the tv going in the background. I turn it on in the morning so there is noise in my house. Any noise will do. I'm tempted to turn on PBS so I can hear the morning cartoons like Curious George and Sesame Street. I miss those morning cartoons now that both kids are in school. It's oddly quiet in my house. It's not a bad thing, just different.

I've fallen into a nice routine now that I've got the house to myself for seven whole hours a day. It consists of replying to work emails, packaging up sculptures that have sold and sculpting when everything is done. I've been watching all sorts of interesting shows and documentaries. Shows that my kids wouldn't watch (or shouldn't watch). It's nice catching up.

Sean spent the weekend working on siding. Poor guy is ready for it to be done and I'm happy to report it nearly is. He put the last second story piece up yesterday and now all that's left is the two entry way pieces and a ton of trim. Yay for scaffolding being taken down!

The kids like to play out front while we are out there. I found Wesley nearly in the koi pond taking it upon himself to scoop out the floating algae. He did a great job!

Greta likes to ride her bike for about ten feet, that's about it. We've decided it's more about putting on the cute helmet and ringing her bell than actual transportation. She's in no rush to learn how to ride without the training wheels. In fact, she could care less. She's always done things at her own pace, that's her style.

We didn't know about the super blood moon lunar eclipse that happened last week until I saw all the alerts pop up on the weather channel we watch. So out we tromped onto the deck at 9:45 pm to see an orange moon. Pretty cool looking. We sent the kids to bed but promised to take a picture.


Granny Randi said...

The siding looks great! That's a big job!

Enjoy the quiet. You deserve it.

John and Julie said...

We watched the lunar eclipse up here on the mountain with the telescope and it was great. Glad to read you are enjoying your quiet time and also that the siding is nearing completion.