Friday, May 22, 2015

School's Out

School is out. It is officially the first day of summer vacation. I'd be pumped if it resembled summer outside...even a little bit. We're almost to 8 inches of rain this month. Yikes! Wesley had his 2nd grade field trip to a local wildlife park the beginning of the week and we froze! All the kids are in t-shirts shaking from the cold wind. Then is started raining, so we had 45 cold and wet 2nd graders. Poor kids. It was a fun park though and the weather conditions will make it a memorable field trip for sure.

It's hard to believe this dude is heading to third grade. I swear he was born just the other day. I'm very proud of the big kid he's becoming.

About a year and a half ago I bought a nice big point and shoot Nikon Coolpix camera. It was highly rated and did it's job well. I turned it on last week and it stuck out its lens and promptly died. No LCD screen, no life. We tried fresh batteries but it was a gonner. I, for some reason, think electronics should last longer than a year and a half. Grrr. So we started researching cameras and found a good replacement that would take nice everyday pictures as well as pictures for my sculpture business. It's a Panasonic LUMIX and I'm impressed. It takes lovely pictures, so much better than the Nikon. The close up pictures of the sculptures are far superior as well. I'm almost grateful the Nikon died. The wildlife park gave me ample opportunity to try it out.

The highlight for me was the giant tortoise exhibit. This park was a hands on experience and the kids got to feed the animals and get up close and personal. They had three 15 year old Sulcata tortoises roaming around looking for food. Wesley got to feed one. I can't hardly wait until our Billy Bob is this size. How cool is that?!

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