Thursday, July 3, 2014

Her new room

About once a decade I feel creative enough to haul out the power tools and make something. I was sitting in Greta's room and felt bad because I'd always planned to create a cute little girl room for her. But, as it often does, life got in the way. Last week, amongst swimming lessons, I decided it was time for her room to get a make-over. I wanted to buy a headboard but didn't want to shell out the $300 it would take to get the one I wanted so I decided to make it. I hauled the kids to Lowes and planned out the headboard in the wood isle while the children ran circles around me. It wasn't easy but I left the store with a pile of pine planks, some short wood screws and a plan.

I got everything screwed together and made a template for the design. I did that by measuring half of it, and taping together paper until I had the right size. Then out came the circle cake pans. I used those to create the "flowing" shape. I cut the shape out of the paper and then traced it on to the wood. I used the jigsaw I bought back in college to get as far as the above picture before it died. RIP little jigsaw, you had a good run. Thankfully my friend let me borrow her jigsaw to finish up the project.

I painted it and the little side table a moss green that matched Greta's new bedspread. I think it turned out cute and it cost me a whole $15 worth of wood. We picked out "Resort Peach" for her walls (which turned into "Resort Pink" after it was applied to her yellow walls). I found some sticky butterfly decals that glow in the dark and applied them above her bed. She loves her new room and says it looks like a "hotel room!" I think that's a glowing review from a 4 year old.

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Granny Randi said...

Her room is adorable and you are amazing! Good job!