Monday, July 14, 2014

A Fun Birthday Weekend

What an eventful weekend! Wesley turned seven years old on Saturday. Hard to believe it's been seven years since my oldest child was born. Time flies when you're having fun! We were planning on hanging around and taking them back to the arcade to celebrate his birthday but we ended up in Oklahoma City instead. What were we doing in Oklahoma City you ask? Well it's time to start searching for a replacement for the Volt. It's been fun but I'm itching for a bigger vehicle. We've been looking for a few months now and there wasn't much around locally for a good price. We knew if we wanted a good deal we'd have to travel. That's not a big deal. I found several SUV's locally but by the time I arrived at the dealership they were sold. So we made a list of cars I was interested in and headed to Oklahoma City Friday evening. We promised the birthday boy and fun stay in a hotel with a pool and he jumped on board with the idea.

We got to Oklahoma City and went directly to the dealership to see if the car I was interested in was still there. It was 10:30 at night so I roamed the lot but came up with no car. Of course the Edge was sold between the time I called that afternoon and the time we got there. Ugh. So we went in search of the next vehicle on the list. I was interested in Ford Edge's and BMW X3's (their small SUV). The BMW turned out to be in pretty rough condition.....sunroof broken, air vents hanging out. And the real kicker? I asked where the spare tire was and the salesman informed me that BMW's don't have spare tires. Huh? No spare? We marked off all of the x3's from the list. After the experience with blown tires on the Volt, I was requiring a spare on the next vehicle. Did I mention the Volt blew the last and final tire on Thursday? Yep. All four tires blew before the car even hit 20,000 miles. I swear I'm not a crazy driver. I'm pretty tame, almost grandma like in my driving. Frustrating to say the least.

We made it home Saturday evening and celebrated Wesley's birthday with a grocery store cake (I had no time to bake a cake, poor kid. But the store bought cake was really good, so it's ok). I was worried he would feel like he was gypped for his birthday but he informed us later that night that it was his "best birthday ever!". Happy birthday Wesley!

Did we find a car in Oklahoma City?  We did! I am now the proud owner of a metallic brown Ford Edge. I love those cars. Apparently most women do. I did a little research before we left town and Ford has sold over 400,000 Edge's and 80% of them are owned by women. They are a true chick car. I love it. It's pretty fancy with some nice gadgets. The MyFord touch is not as refined as the Volt's touch screen but it's no slacker. It's sure nice to be sitting up high again too. And I have room to haul anything and everything I want.

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Granny Randi said...

Cool car, Mandy!

Glad Wesley enjoyed his untraditional birthday!