Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mother Nature's Toilet

Sorry, I couldn't resist. A certain little boy got accepted into preschool today. They called to inform me that they were able to move one older three year old into the four year old class and that opened a space up for Wesley. He starts the first week of September. I'm so excited for him. I just pray that he doesn't do this at preschool. Oh lord I can hear that phone call in my head already. Maybe we need to have a "no pee pee outside except at home" talk.


Granny Randi said...

I received that call...the boys were peeing in the front yard of Alyse Volberding's house. We had to have that "talk".
I'm so pleased that Wesley got accepted to preschool. He will have so much to tell you when he gets home. LOVE YOU ALL.

Stacy said...

This is a GREAT photo! I love it. My brother peed in the back yard for years - but that's what you do when you live with two women and one bathroom.